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Fertiliser!Costs!! ! Flexi-N (magnesium coated urea) can be used as a substitute when mixing with super-based products. The urea production rose to record 244.55 lakh tonne in 2019-20 while sales increased 5 per cent to 336.97 lakh tonne, according to the government data. Urea is 46% nitrogen. ! For ammonia, at 82 0 0, the average price was $944 per tonne. 1 tonne (in 25kg bags) $654.50 : Please contact me for a quote : Prilled MagLime. !!! DAP is 7% lower compared to the month prior and now has an average price of $413 per ton. ! Earlier, urea was priced at Rs 5,310 per tonne. Global urea prices and World Bank projections to 2030, measured in real dollars per metric ton. See a sample below or register for free to see much more. For urea plants, the fixed cost mainly includes salary and wages, contract labour, repair and maintenance and selling expenses. NFML had suggested that dealer booking price of imported urea be lowered by at least Rs100-150 than local urea brand price. A wide variety of urea price per ton options are available to you, such as nitrogen fertilizer. We must multiply the cost per tonne by 10 and then divide by the dry matter percentage: Cost per kg DM = $200 × 10 ÷ 90 = 22.2c/kg DM Now, to determine the cost per energy unit we must divide the cost per kilogram dry matter (determined above) by the energy concentration of the feed. 4 kg : $10.00 : $7.50 North and South Island Town : Prilled MagLime + Sulphur. 1 tonne (bulk bag) $554.50 : Please contact me for a quote : Prilled Lime. Urea is 6% lower compared to the third week of December 2019 and has an average price of $357/ton. Subscribers to our Commodity Price Database have access to Urea Formaldehyde Resins and as many as 217 other commodities prices across several countries from main world regions. About Urea; 1 cubic meter of Urea weighs 1 323 kilograms [kg] 1 cubic foot of Urea weighs 82.59219 pounds [lbs] Urea weighs 1.323 gram per cubic centimeter or 1 323 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. Urea currently costs $294 per tonne, while DAP costs $428 per tonne in the international market. Using the formula and assuming the cost per tonne of urea is $628 we can calculate the cost of 1 kg of nitrogen in urea. ! In the last five years, the government was paying ₹ 15,000 to ₹ 20,000 subsidy per tonne of urea produced using naphtha to production units across the country. Nrich Liquid Urea 19N is a liquid nitrogen fertiliser that provides a convenient way of applying nitrogen to crops or pastures. ! Bulk cost per kg of P in a generic triple superphosphate. ! ! Urea can be compatible with potassium chloride, triple super, lime and calcium nitrate under special circumstances. Today we are a successful co-operative that still exists for the benefit of our shareholders, working to increase your productivity and profitability by supplying a wide range of farm inputs. The current MRP is ridiculously low at Rs 5,360 per tonne or $71 per tonne. In the case of K 2 O, the value-cost ratio is highest for gram, followed by sorghum, wheat and paddy rice.. Fertiliser!Costs!!!!!Tom!O’Callaghan–!January!2014!!!! Price per kg nutrient = Price per tonne ÷ 10 ÷ % nutrient Example 1: Paddock has high phosphorus (P) and low sulfur (S) so need to apply sulfur. ! The company plans to invest €30 million ($35.6 million) to bring LNG bunkering to its Los Barrios terminal at the port by the end of 2023. Urea, the most used crop nutrient, is a controlled commodity and its maximum retail price (MRP) is fixed at Rs 5,360 per tonne. Netting out the estimated 18% taxes would bring down the basic delivered pooled price of gas to $ 10.65/mmBtu (from $ 12.98) and the variable cost of urea to $ 213 per tonne (from $ 268). The average production cost from gas-based plants is more than four times, at about $320 per tonne … As the price of natural gas increases, the expenses from these subsidies will overburden the government. ! Intratec provides Urea Formaldehyde Resins pricing data, covering 13 years of historical prices and forecasts. The total production cost, too, reduces to $ 368-388 per tonne (from $ 415-435). 1,110 urea price per ton products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 21%, organic fertilizer accounts for 1%, and compound fertilizer accounts for 1%. Our Current Price Lists Like-minded farmers started Ravensdown in 1977 with a pioneering spirit and a belief that strength comes from pulling together. The urea production in the country is around 22 million tonnes and 7-8 million tonnes is met through imports. These examples are recommended use … But after the state subsidy, the new urea price per bag comes to be Rs1,712. Urea, the most used crop nutrient, is a controlled commodity and its maximum retail price (MRP) is fixed at Rs 5,360 per tonne. The maximum retail price (MRP) of urea was last increased by 10 percent to Rs 5,310 per tonne in April, 2010. Fertiliser sales have slowed considerably over recent weeks, according to the IFA’s latest fertiliser price update. ! Urea is not compatible with superphosphate, sulphur super 30, magnesium oxide, calcium ammonium nitrate, copper sulphate and cobalt sulphate. This equates to a ~22% drop from the start of the year. Cost per ha Urea = Urea @ $410/t x 43.5 kg/ha ÷ 1000 = $17.84 Cost per ha single superphosphate = super @ $262/t x227 kg/ha ÷ 1000 As shown in figure 1, anhydrous ammonia was price around $500 per ton last spring but fell to nearly $400 per ton last fall. 'Fertilizer demand in rabi to be subdued if urea … FERTILIZER SUBSIDY. Bulk cost per kg of N in urea. The average production cost from gas-based plants is more than four times, at about $320 per tonne, and the cost of import is about $300 per tonne. For urea, at 46 0 0, the average price was $551 per tonne. !!!!! Produced by dissolving solid Nrich Urea in water under controlled conditions, Nrich Liquid Urea 19N is suitable for a wide range of farm types, including pastoral, arable and … Currently, the price ratio is 1.15, which implies current urea prices are historically attractive. Also making urea more attractive is that the price ratio is lower than levels observed over the last 18 months. The increase from $400 per ton last fall to more than $500 per ton most recently is roughly a 25% increase ($100 increase on $400 per ton). Spain's Endesa to Develop LNG Bunkering Infrastructure at Algeciras. In line with conditions put forth by donors, the government had started deregulating fertiliser trade in 1997. Tom!O’Callaghan–!January!2013! "The hike of Rs 50 per tonne will be given to retailers as an … Example 1. Thus, 1 tonne of urea contains 460 kg of nitrogen. Integrated world scale urea plant in Babrala, Uttar Pradesh • ~0.7 million tons ammonia production • ~1.2 million tons urea production • Commissioned in 1994 . Results based on an ESN premium of $0.16 – $0.20 /lb over urea and $0.15/lb over UAN depending on region, and using recommended percentages of 50 – 80% ESN to urea/UAN in the fertilizer blends for application rates. More recently, prices are again around $500 per ton. Nepal fully withdrew subsidy on fertilisers, including urea, in 1999 as compliance to the Asian Development Bank loan condition. “At the current rate of production, urea subsidies amount to 7.51 billion USD per year. Fertiliser Ministry has moved a proposal to raise the fixed cost of production of urea by 350 per tonne by taking base year as 2008-09. “Nitrogen-based fertilizers are currently below 5-year averages,” says Bergen-Henengouwen, while “phosphorus-based fertilizers are above average.” ! The decision will facilitate its smooth implementation which will result in grant of additional fixed cost of Rs 350 per tonne to 30 urea manufacturing units. The price increase will not have any impact on the Government's annual urea subsidy bill which has crossed Rs 24000 crore, nor will it have any impact on the bottom lines of fertiliser companies. It says good grass growth and a… Fertiliser prices vary by €35/tonne around the country When buying fertilizer, one should compare prices on the basis of cost per pound of "actual" nutrient, not the price per tonne of fertilizer material. At the end of July, prices for urea sold in Europe and the United States stood at $315 and $325 per metric tonne, respectively. ! Over the years, the aim in India has been to become and remain self-sufficient in foodgrain production. 25 kg : $22.50 World-class operations and energy efficiency • Workforce is committed to high HESQ standards; solid safety track record If urea (46-0-0) costs $367/tonne, the cost per pound of nitrogen (N) is calculated as follows: This is large price swing. Since 2010, a pound of nitrogen from urea has cost an average of 1.22 times the price of a pound of nitrogen from anhydrous ammonia. The government raised price of the most used nitrogenous fertiliser urea by Rs 50 per tonne on Thursday, a government spokesman said. Among the four crops listed in Table 19, in the cases of N and P 2 O 5 the value cost ratio is highest for gram, followed by wheat, paddy rice and sorghum.

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